Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Final Countdown

So, this cheesy song from the 80's has been playing in my head this morning because it's The Final Countdown!

Yesterday we swam in Lake Monona. The water was a little cool but not bad with the wetsuit. Nice and calm in the mornings. It gets choppy in the afternoons but every morning so far has been calm as can be. The only other concern is the huge number of participants at this race. Much more than we saw at CDA and literally thousands more than Great Floridian. It's going to be an interesting swim. After the swim, we picked up our bikes and then the Get Fit crew piled in Harry's van. We were all wearing matching Iron Kids T-shirts and looking like a pack of weirdos! We drove the bike course and all it's hills. Nothing steep or crazy like we have been training on but constant turning and climbing. We are going to be mentally zapped when we get off those bikes. I hope the rest and training will carry me and I can get through 112 miles of that crap in enough time. 

The nerves are definitely jangling this morning. I got a good 9+ hrs of sleep last night which is great since I won't get much tonight. This morning we will ride our bikes to make sure everything is good, drop off gear bags and get in one more swim. Then it's time to eat, rest, hydrate and try not to freak out too much. I am trying hard to visualize a positive outcome and forget the problems of the past. Trying not to beat myself up too much over things I could have done differently. I will be putting it all out there Sunday morning and if all things go well I will be an Ironman again.

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